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Frequently Asked Questions
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» How safe is the use of bioidentical Progesterone supplementation?

Dr. Katarina Dalton, MD, PhD, of Great Britain, has been using bio identical progesterone to treat PMS in doses up to 2400 mg per day since 1953. During the next year, she will be publishing a retrospective study of her patients which shows that these women reported fewer surgeries and fewer cancers and better quality of life than women who were not treated. Great Britain's medicine is socialized, so it is easy to track these patients.

In the United States, John R. Lee, MD has been prescribing and recommending the use of transdermal bio identical progesterone for over 30 years. He has written three books about the use of hormonal supplementation using bio identical progesterone. It is rumored that, with biochemist Dr. David Zava, he is publishing a book this spring which suggests that the use of bio identical Progesterone may help protect women from breast cancer.

» Can’t I just take the Pill?

Yes. Of course, but everyone is different and there is no way to adjust the doses. The handcrafted transdermal creams allow you to fine-tune your prescription according to your own body's needs.

» What can I do about "hot flashes"?

My first recommendation is bio identical progesterone. Depending on the severity of the hot flashes and your own personal balance point, this will generally relieve most of the hot flashes. If hot flashes occur during the day, small doses to the inner wrist are often effective. Usually when your hormones are balanced, hot flashes will no longer be an issue. Pregnenolone and progesterone, as in the Women's Evening Formula, applied at bedtime often brings relief for women. Eighty percent of women can control and relieve hot flashes with the use of natural progesterone and or pregnenolone and do not require estrogen.

» What are the side effects of Natural Bio Identical Progesterone?

The primary side effect is sleepiness, which is why it is dosed at bedtime. There are a small percentage of people for whom it causes depression, but it acts as an anti-depressant for the vast majority of people.

» I have been under a lot of stress for a long time and now I can’t sleep and I am starting to suffer from anxiety. What can I do?

When we are under a lot of stress, the adrenal glands produce cortisol to help us cope with the stress. This cortisol is made from progesterone. So during this time, you may want to supplement with bio identical progesterone. This often helps your coping mechanism with the insomnia and the anxiety. The OTC bio identical handcrafted progesterone cream applied to the inner wrist is often useful in this situation.

» Why is Biest safer than Premarian?

Biest is 80% estriol (a short acting non-cell proliferating estrogen), and only 20% estridiol. When we are younger 60%-80% of our estrogen is estriol and it is thought that is why we are less inclined to breast cancer when we are younger.

» How do I determine which hormone I need? Do I need blood tests or saliva tests?

Check out the list of signs and symptoms. Many knowledgeable people prefer saliva testing over blood tests, however I believe tests are only important when coupled signs and symptoms. We are all different, and I believe the correct balance is individual. You need to dose to your body specifically and not to a lab value.

» I am a woman in my 40s and I have low libido. Do I need testosterone?

Most women find the combination of natural bio identical progesterone and pregnenolone solves this problem, but it takes an average of four months to see results. Then we add natural bio identical Biest, if necessary. If this does not offer relief we add three testosterone precoursers in a single product, which is available over the counter without prescription.

» I am a woman in my late 30s and I am losing my hair. Is this hormone-related?

The lack of progesterone can be the cause of this problem, however it can also be an allergic reaction to hair products such as hair dye or shampoo. Not all problems are hormone-related.

» I am a perimenopausal woman and I have just gained a lot of weight. Can this be hormone-related?

For some women, a drop in progesterone leads to weight gain, and supplementing natural bio identical progesterone may help. Again, not all problems are related to our hormones.

» I am a 41-year-old woman and I am starting to get mood swings and my family says I am a little "bitchy." Is it my hormones?

Natural bio identical progesterone dosed the last 14 days of your cycle might help alleviate these symptoms. However, life events and situations also contribute to how we feel and hormones or lack of hormones are not responsible for everything.

» I am under a lot of stress and I have noticed I am not able to handle it as well as I used to. Can this be related to my hormones?

Often men and women are deficient in their progesterone levels and they do not handle stress as well. In these cases, supplementation with bio identical progesterone may be helpful.

» I have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and I have not been sleeping well, would natural bio identical progesterone help me?

Dr. John R. Lee has noted in his practice that low dose progesterone can sometimes be helpful in this situation.

» I am a 43-year-old male and haven noticed a decline in energy and libido. Would hormone supplementation help me?

Some men have found that the Men's Morning Formula has given them am boost in those areas. However, you should check with your personal health care professional to make that determination.

» I have osteoporosis. Will hormones help me?

Natural bio identical progesterone is a bone tropic hormone. It can help build bones. Please refer to any of Dr. John R. Lee books for reference. The "correct" dose is related to each individual and is to some degree related to age. As we get older, lower doses of natural bio identical progesterone seem to be effective. Again, all dosing needs to be individual.

» I have a family history of breast cancer but now I have vaginal dryness. What can I do?

You could ask your health care provider to prescribe "estriol vaginal cream." It is a short acting non-cell proliferating estrogen. It offers moisture to the vaginal tissues without affecting your partner.

» I am a 73-year-old woman and I have started getting bladder infections. Could this be hormonally related?

Talk to your health care provider about estriol vaginal cream. If the vaginal tissue atrophies (shrinks) then the urethra is exposed and many older women find they get bladder infections. When you use the cream to "plump up" and moisten the area, generally bladder infections disappear.

» I am an older woman (60's), and I am starting to break out in acne. Can this be hormone-related?

Acne around the mouth and chin is frequently related to too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. Remember this is about hormonal balance.

» I get headaches, especially during the last half of my menstrual cycle. Can this be hormones?

The lack of progesterone or a decline in progesterone can contribute to headache for some women and in some cases of headache. In those cases, replacement with natural bio identical progesterone can be helpful. Stress related headaches can sometimes be reduced or short-circuited with the application of our over-the-counter progesterone applied to the inner wrist and the base of the neck.

» I am 23 years old and have severe PMS. What can I do?

As you are a young woman, you need to see your health care provider and get a prescription for natural bio identical progesterone. Katarina Dalton, M.D., wrote a book called "Once a Month." She is the foremost authority on PMS. She has been dosing natural bio identical progesterone for PMS since 1953. Young women often need high doses of supplementation.

» I am a 17-year-old woman and I get mild mood swings and can cry at nothing. What can I do?

You can try the over-the-counter of natural bio identical progesterone and dose to your inner wrist at those times.

» I am a teenager and I have acne. What can I do?

We make and sell several different anti-acne products. We are all different and so not all products work for everyone. We make a prescription product with MSM (methyl sulfyl methane) and other ingredients which seems to be effective for teenage acne. Natural bio identical progesterone also seems to help, especially for young girls. We make a much stronger prescription product for severe, hard to treat, pitting acne.

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